The Best Fitness Trackers for 2021

These small but powerful gizmos became popular in 2009, with the advent of the Fitbit bracelet. It is very common to see someone with one of these – actually to the point where they are replacing traditional mechanical watches. Their users almost always seem to be happy with their purchase – and for good reasons. They will tell you how it measures steps, tells them the weather and aids with receiving messages.

So it seems these things are worth their money, if you can find use for them. Most athletes will have one, and will also invest in one which is expensive and trusty.

But it will not be easy to pick one if you make up your mind to get a fitness band. The market is flooded with devices, ranging from cheap and almost unusable gimmicks to expensive bracelets which rival smartphones in processing power. Which to buy? And to answer this question we compile a list of 5 best options. Perhaps you will not buy any of these listed here, but at least you will be more informed as to what makes a good bracelet.

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